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Window inside home with a view to yard
June 24, 2024

How To Burglar-Proof Windows In Provo

It’s a dreaded scenario for families - a thief sneaking through a window and into your house. You come home to discover possessions stolen and your house in shambles. Thankfully, there are many worthwhile options for protecting your most at-risk access areas. See how to burglar-proof windows in Provo and discover the benefits of a comprehensive security system.

Trigger Your Alarm With Security Sensors

If an intruder makes an effort to open a window, your alarm ought to trigger, and you should be notified right away, even when you’re not at home. You may enjoy this connectivity when utilizing the latest entry point sensors in Provo. Choose from these different kinds:

  • Contact sensors: Simple and adaptable, contact sensors form a magnetic field by using a two-sided system. The field is disturbed as the window opens, prompting your alarm to trip. You might install contact sensors on windows, doors, and other locations like swimming pool gates.
  • Glass break sensors: Less patient burglars might simply attempt to shatter a window instead of opening it. Prepare for this possibility with glass break sensors. You can come across acoustic options that discern sound, other types that notice vibration from glass shattering, and some that sense both.

No matter what you choose, the sensors will trigger your alarm and even notify you via your cell phone’s home security app.

Track Activity With Motion Sensors In Provo

If a thief advances toward your home and is suddenly covered in light, he will probably run the other direction. Motion-sensing lights are greatly valuable in keeping prowlers away from your windows. Install them in strategic areas within close distance of your windows. Within your home, you may utilize standalone motion sensors as another level of protection. You'll find out if someone enters a space they shouldn’t be in.

Discourage Intruders With Outdoor Cameras And A Security Sign

If a showering of light fails to keep prowlers away from your house, video cameras may do the trick. Just the presence of cameras is often enough to scare off invaders. Today’s surveillance systems can even integrate with your other features. Prompt lights to switch on and get automatic warnings delivered to your cell phone and monitoring specialists. Home security decals and signs provide an extra visual cue that your home is not the right target.

Other Ways To Burglar-Proof Windows In Provo

Your home’s security system and its integrated devices will burglar-proof windows in Provo, but they aren’t the only line of defense. Check out these other burglar-proofing solutions:

  • Attach window bars. This security measure can be utilized inside or out. You’ll find standard and more ornamental bars, in addition to different functionalities. Pick from swing-away, removable, or fixed.
  • Replace your current window latches and hardware. Find sturdier, more secure locks, and use tamper-resistant screws that are challenging to remove.
  • Use window security screens. Robust, stainless-steel mesh screens are difficult to get past.
  • Add window security film.Simple-to-install security film can be customized to your precise window dimensions. It performs in a similar manner as windshield glass and keeps the window from splintering into your living space.
  • Think about shatter-resistant glass. This specialty glass is highly durable and holds firm against intrusions. It cracks into a spiderweb while keeping its shape. It might also protect against weather-related damage.

Protect Your Windows And All Areas Of Your Home With Secure24 Alarm Systems

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