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Window And Door Alarm Sensors In Provo

If you’re wondering about the most susceptible spots for a home invasion, your front door and lower-level windows are at the very top. Knowing this fact, it should come as no shock that window and door alarm sensors continue to be essential components for home security packages in Provo. While it’s true the technology has been around for years, you might be surprised at what modern sensors can do.

Window sensor alarm up close

How Will Door and Window Sensors Defend Your Home?

You’ll be thankful to know that window and door sensors are part of every ADT package, no matter if you’re getting a no-frills configuration or the most state-of-the-art system with surveillance and automation. Installation is also included so you won’t have to lift a finger, and there won’t be any reason to stress about your equipment being positioned accurately.

The foundation of your window and door alarm sensors is a straightforward, yet powerful two-part magnetic contact. One part is adhered to the adjacent frame, and the other is secured right to the door or window. You secure your access point and the two contacts connect together seamlessly. When your security is activated and a door or window opens, the contacts come apart and your alarm is tripped. But keep in mind, these newer devices are able to do much more than simply activate your alarm.

Benefits Of ADT Door And Window Alarm Sensors In Provo

On the frontline of your property’s protection, door and window alarm sensors provide many benefits, including the following:

  • Initiate the alarm: These devices trigger your high-volume alarm whenever a window or door opens with the system armed.
  • Immediate updates: Want to know what’s going on at home when you’re at work or on vacation? You can receive immediate updates directly to your smartphone when a component is engaged.
  • 24-7 monitoring: You will not only be contacted, your 24-7 monitoring specialists will be given a notification too. Your property will be protected, regardless of your location.
  • Home automation interactions: Program your security components to work in a complementary fashion. You may have your lights turn on or have a camera to start recording when a door or window sensor is tripped. Not only will your alarm go off, you’ll have the chance to catch a glimpse who activated the sensor in the first place.
  • Design appeal: You’ll hardly know the sensors are even there. They have a low-profile, streamlined design that complements any interior. You even have the ability to find fully recessed sensors that are not visible.
  • Choice of connectivity: Pick from wireless or wired components depending on your type of installation. No matter your choice, your property will be better protected.

More functional than previous iterations, window and door sensors in Provo can be skillfully incorporated into your complete home security package.

Customize Your ADT Home Security System In Provo

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